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CF carbon fiber
CFRP prepreg carbon


Preimpregnated carbon fiber fabric for composites. Material-dependent recipes control the camera and image acquisition settings for precise repetition of every test

carbon fiber roving with tacking

# 1 Raw image carbon fiber fabric

CF carbon prepreg with binder. Image recognition is used to automatically detect binder drops. It automatically checks whether the binder is evenly distributed and the amount of binder is sufficient.

# 2 Zoom in on binder drops

Binder droplets recognized on prepreg by the image recognition outlined in blue. The area of ​​drop no. 5 is displayed in the pop-up window.
Automatically created table with the number of objects found.Objects of the same size combined. The table enables a statement whether the amount of binder was correct and the sintering was OK

# 3 Evaluation, degree of sintering?

The area of each binder droplet is exported and sorted according to size classes. One glance shows whether the degree of sintering was sufficient. The total area indicates that the amount of binder was correct.

fiber gap in carbon fiber roving, detected by image recognition. Application Roboskop Digital Microscope made by Robomat

# 4 Fiber bundle in the wrong place, fiber gap

A fiber bundle is misaligned, the image inspection has recognized it and marked in yellow. Not ok, up from a definable size.

# 5 Tacking thread broken, missing stitch

A broken staple thread was detected by the image recognition.

# 6 Prepreg with binder blob

The areas are calculated automatically.

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