Prepreg glass fiber, GF fabric, GFC

Scrim, roving

Surface microscope for large samples, sees transparent drops of resin on white fiberglass fabric and checks whether the amount of binder on fiberglass textile issufficient using image processing: Is the resin evenly distributed on the glass fiber fabric for the production of preforms and composite parts?

# 1 fiberglass with binder

Images acquired with the roboscope REFLEX. With this device it is possible to make the transparent binder droplets visible on white fiberglass fabric. The dark zigzag lines represent the tacking threads.

# 2 With image recognition

The task is to determine the amount of binder on fiberglass fabrics and to check whether the sintering process has been done correctly based on the droplet size distribution. The software is able to calculate a factor for the homogeneity of the binder

# 3 Zoom in on detail

The binder droplets found were sorted into 13 size classes, a differnt color was assigned to each class and the total area of all droplets was calculated.

# 4 evaluation

The objects found were transferred to EXCEL. The high value in magenta represents the stitching threads. The amount of resin and the degree of sintering can be determined from the size distribution of the droplets.

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