Non Woven, Fleece, needle felt | clouds, neps in card pile

The area microscope Roboscope aquires images up to 200x300mm at a resolution of 10mµ. Based on image inspection results, it calculates a key figure for the cloudiness or homogeneity. This number indicates how evenly the fiber distribution is in needle felts and other nonwovens.

# 1 raw image of card pile

Visable sample sice 100x70mm

# 2 clouds recognized, calcuation of homogenity

The software calculates the amound of clouds formed by neps and uneven fiber distribution. A quality index number for average cloudiness is determined, this can be done for samples up to 0.1m² in size.

# 3 needle felt evenness?

The red dots show the needle penetration points found by the image recognition software.

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