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Roboscope mobile

A digital microscope with 2µm resolution and image recognition. It uses a high-resolution camera as a sensor and can be moved on rollers on long material sheets. With incident, side and transmitted light.


  • Can be used in laboratory or production. Portable version battery operated.
  • Material samples tare recorded with up to 2 µm pixels (250,000 Pix / mm²).

  • Maximum magnification 400x

  • The integrated image recognition searches possible faults for you and logs them.

  • Optionally equipped with telecentric lens for distortion-free measurements

  • For the presentation of the result images in the meeting room only an appropriate cable is required.

Roboscope Lab

Two overview cameras take pictures up to 200x300mm in size. If you want to see a detail imore closely, tap the touch screen and a macro camera moves to the point to be examined.

Roboscope reflex

A digital microscope specially developed for examining reflective objects :

  • Chrome-plated surfaces, glossy glass, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

  • Usable in the laboratory or portable battery operated.
  • Objects to be checked are recorded with up to 2 µm pixels (250,000 Pix / mm²).

  • The integrated image recognition searches for possible defects for you.

Roboscope SC

With extremely high resolution. A single image covers an area of ​​145x245mm with 1.300 megapixels

  • Incident and transmitted light images in color or black and white.

  • The integrated image recognition software detects faults for you and calculates their size.

  • To see details even more precisely, digitally zoom in on details up to 10µm

  • Our most cost effective option



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