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Three-dimensional object checked

Some applications require 3D Acquisition with the use of depth information to achieve the desired results. When used as quality control system, automatic detection of defects is possible. Our 3D imagerecognition detects failors  and creates reports automatically.


# 1 Standard image of a technical seam, original size about 35 mm

Naht 3D-Darstellung mit_mm.png

# 2 The same seam displayed as 3D-Object

One possibility for that kind of object is to display it as relief image with false color rendering. Here, the highest points are colored in red, the lowest in blue, the real world difference is 2mm.


# 3 multiple sample pieces acquired as 3D-object

Here is another example, the thickness of different material layers has to be checked. For that task, profile lines are used to achieve the desired information. The 3D-objects are checked for correct thickness.


# 4 false color rendering and profile line drawn

One of the samples from the image above displayed as 2D-object with false color rendering

# 5 In the heigth profile of image 4, thickness is directly available as mm values (y-axis)

To check numeric values inside that object, profile lines can be used. Total thickness is about 2,3 mm (in at 58,6, out at 56,3) but there is a gap in between that is 1,5 mm wide and more than 0.5 mm deep.

Automatic analysis is possible by continuously checking profile line dimensions so there is the possibility to create a quality report that represents material thickness during production.

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