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Dirt point in pulp and cellulose

Using the surface microscope Roboscope with transmitted light, cellulose sheets up to 1mm thickness can be penetrated. Image area is 150x250 mm. An error list with the size and distribution of foreign objects is automatically created using machine vision. Rayon manufacturers demand cellulose that is completely free of foreign particles.

Cellulose illuminated with a light table, a dirt point found with the eye and marked

# 1 cellulose rated visually

1mm thick cellulose checked by eye on a light table and spots of dirt marked with circles

Cellulose illuminated with the special light of the Roboscope improves the contrast. Application of area microscope from

# 2 Raw image created with Roboscope

Thanks to optimized illumination, significantly more details can be seen.

Dirt point in 1mm thick cellulose sheet captured by image recognition and marked in color. Quality control with inspection of dirt spots is important for the delivery of cellulose to manufacturers of viscose. An application of the surface microscope from

# 3 Result of image recognition

Dirt point found, shown with dimension lines and the area calculated automatically. The small, dark foreign body on the right (above the circle) with red marking was not found by the human observer. Sizes in mm.

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