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Lime stains on polished stainless steel,

scratches, fingerprints on shiny surfaces

Surface microscope Roboscope with optimized lighting and image inspection, captures  fingerprints, limescale stains and scratches on polished stainless steel and other glossy objects and measures them automatically

Raw image of lime stains left behind when cleaning cutlery, e.g. knives and forks. Application of Roboscope made by Robomat
# 1 raw image

Limescale stains on cutlery aquired with RoboscopeREFLEX. Special lighting ensures that the image is not overexposed by reflections. The task here is to compare the effectiveness of different detergents.

Limescale stains recognized by image inspection and marked in color. Application of Are Microscope made by Robomat company

# 2 image processing

The image recognition determines the contour and area of limescale stains.

Zoom on limescale with area calculation and size-dependent numbering by image recognition. Application digital microscope from
# 3 Zoom in on results

Zoom on limescale stains found. The areas are calculated automatically, a consecutive number is assigned to each object, then all detected spots are saved and can be printed or saved as a result list.

# 4 Finger Marks on plastic

Fingerprints found on shiny plastic with RoboskopREFLEX. Application example: Check whether the surface is free of grease before painting

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