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Document testing, forensics

Area microscope Roboscope acquires high-resolution images with 800megaPixels, so resolutions up to 10µm are possible for 200x300mm image size and up to 2µm for smaller formats. Different light sources: white, monochrome, UV, IR. Detecting evidence of faked documents and counterfeited products using image recognition

Miniature painting with 50mm diameter: Painting of a female. Painted in 1840. Picture made with Area Microscope of Robomat
# 1 miniature painting

Very detailed portrait painting from 1840. The entire picture has a diameter of only 50mm.

Enlarged representation of a miniature painting from 1840. It is impressive that the 1.6mm pupil of the person depicted is worked out in detail. Application of microscope camera from Robomat
# 2 Impressive skill

Painted with a very fine brush. Pupil diameter 1.6mm.

Miniature oil painting from the time of Mozart in 1780
# 3 Nobleman in Mozart time

Miniature oil painting, picture size 50x40mm

Highly enlarged oil painting shows cracks in the paint, which suggests that the painting is very old. Application of the microscope camera from Robomat

# 4 picture real or fake?

Eye of the nobleman from the picture above. According to the cracks in the surface, the picture could have been painted around 1780. Pupil diameter 1.6mm

Passport illuminated with 2 different light sources, infrared and white light. The preprinted information can only be seen in visible light. An application of the optical microscope from

# 5 passport, checked with different light sources

Top left lighting with white light, bottom right with infrared, the pre-printed text in the passport disappears.


# 6 Kinegram on passport

made visible by special lighting and greatly enlarged. Resolution 5 µm. (Recorded with Roboskop RFLEX)

Heraldic animal, eagle on an identity card

# 7 Heraldic animal on ID Card

The task is to extract the contours using image recognition

Contour comparison of two ID cards to identify forgeries. Application of digital area microscope from
# 8 security feature in comparison

The contours of two identity cards were extracted using image recognition and then placed on top of each other to identify forgeries. Deviations in the print pattern become visible. Resolution 4 µm

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