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Sieve, filter fabric,

Screen printing mesh, wire mesh lattice grid

Time-saving quality inspection with the new digital microscope Roboscope. It acquires test images with an area of up to 200x300mm and a resolution of up to 1.8µ, it checks dimensions, deviations in the mesh size and other defects using industrial image processing.

Raw image of sieve type Panama

# 1 filter fabric, mesh fabric, sample 150x200 mm

Image cropped from the original image

Screen mesh with open areas marked by image recognition. Different sized openings are colored differently. Application of Roboscope, a Digital Microscope made by Robomat

# 2 filter fabric, is the mesh size even?

The user can define recipes with settings for the image recognition, based on these settings the industrial image inspection then sorts the various mesh sizes. Each group is drawn in a different color. In the picture above, meshes that are of the wrong size are colored red.

Zoom on screen mesh with open areas marked by the image recognition with dimension lines. Different colors are used for different size classes. Application Roboscope made by Robomat
# 3 Enlargement of the picture above

Detail, the overall picture has a size of 470MB. The blue dimension lines show that the sizes (in mm) differ significantly

Check the regularity of the mesh size of a canvas type screen
# 4 Unevenness of mesh size

Raw image of a textile fabric. The task is to evaluate the quality

Raw image of a grid made of carbon fiber for reinforcement of concrete

# 5 The mesh size in 3,8% of the sample area is incorrect

The openings marked in red by the image recognition deviate from the target value. Also suitable for testing stainless steel wire mesh

Rohbild eines Gitters zur Bewehrung von Beton aus Carbonfaser. Anwendung des Flächen Mikroskops von

# 6 Carbon fiber reinforcement for concrete

Raw image of a grid made of carbon fiber

Reinforcement grid made of carbon fiber with colored contours generated by image recognition to identify different size classes. Application of Digital Microscope made by
# 7 Check the dimensions and areas

Checking the grid dimensions. The pop-up window displays the values calculated by the image recognition for area, length and positions.

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