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Cutting test, cross section, microsection image analysis, blowholes

The surface microscope Roboscope can find 10µ small errors in large sections. Typical defects are caused by bubbles, sink marks or cavities. The search is done automatically using industrial image processing

A raw image created with the surface microscope Roboscope shows the cross section of a plastic panel with bubbles

# 1 Blowholes in plastic panels

Sink marks or, as seen here, the formation of bubbles in the plastic material can be examined (dark areas). The sample is lilluminated with a combination of incident and side light

Defects in the section of a plastic panel identified by the Roboscope using image recognition are marked with color
# 2 Rated with image recognition

The area of each bubble is calculated and a consecutive number is assigned. Low number = large area. Resolution 3.5 µm

Enlarged representation of a defect in a plastic panel with area calculation by image recognition. Application of Digital Microscope from Robomat
# 3 Cutout of the previous picture

In the pop up window, data for bubble no. 3, its position and area are shown. In the lower right corner: measurement line 1mm

Enlarged representation with of a defect in the section of a plastic panel, created with the microscope camera Roboscope. Dimensions in mm, area see the pop up window
# 4 Zoom in

Size in mm. High accuracy of the measurement

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