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Can the adhesive be removed without leaving any residue?

Glue residues, residue analysis

The area microscope Roboscope for large samples can see transparent adhesive residues on glass and other reflective surfaces and uses image processing to calculate their amount. Quality control of removable adhesive.

Raw image of glue adhesive, residue. Residues made visible by special illumination

# 1 Raw image

When self-adhesive materials such as temporary carpets are removed from their base, residues of the adhesive dispersion layer can remain. The transparent adhesive was made visible by the RoboskopREFLEX, seen here as white spots.

Adhesive residues highlighted in color by image recognition. Application of Area Microscope from Robomat

# 2 Image recognition glue residue

The image recognition has highlighted adhesive residues in red, up from a preselected size .

Zoom on raw image of adhesive residues with dimension lines. After the adhesive material was removed, glue residues were left behind. Application of Digital Microscope of Robomat Company

# 3 Zoom in with dimensions

Enlarged screenshot of contact adhesive residues found. The dimensions are in mm and accurate to 0.01mm

Zoom on a single adhesive droplet with area calculation by image recognition. Application of Area Microscope made by

# 4 Extreme zoom, area calculated

The area of the adhesive residue is shown in the pop-up window on the right.

Automatically generated list of all objects recognized by the image inspection. Application of Area Microscope from
# 5 Calculating the area of adhesive residue

The image recognition has automatically captured the area of each adhesive residue and saved its position. The results can be transferred to Excel as a csv file or printed out in a customer-specific list with the overall percentage of the adhesive residues.

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