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Measuring microscope, Measurescope for parts up to 147x245mm

Testing machine for measuring flat parts. Were the parts manufactured without errors? Testing with incident and transmitted light is possible. For applications using incident light only, the measuring range is even larger and extends to part dimensions of 8x10" 216x297mm, otional to 12x17" 310x437mm or for several small parts at the same time. Full measuring range without table movement! No manual alignment of parts is necessary. Highly suitable for manufacturing in mechanical engineering!

Dimension lines of a stamped part made of thin sheet metal, generated with the measuring microscope Roboskop

# 1 picture sheet metal

The measurements are free of distortion over the entire measuring range. Reliable measuring accuracy of 0.05mm and object-dependent up to 0.02mm

Enlargement of a thin sheet metal part including dimension lines in mm, with 2 decimal places. Application of microscope camera from Robomat
# 2 magnification

Shiny parts can also be measured

Measuring microscope with 150x245mm recording area captures a machined part with 182x110mm. Accuracy 0,05mm. Application Robomats Roboscope
# 3 A part with 182x110mm

Check whether the machining was done according to the dimensions in the drawing. Due to the large image area for the entire measurement, no table movement or realignment of the sample is necessary. The Dimensioning can be done automatically or manually.

Technical drawing of the machined part measured here
# 4 Technical drawing of the sample
Enlarged section of a mechanically processed sheet metal part with dimension lines. Deviations in production from the nominal size of the drawing can be determined. Application Roboscope from Robomat
# 5 Top right section, defects detected

Dimensions automatically generated by the image recognition. The test showed that the parts was not ok. The two small holes in the middle have 2.7 instead of 3mm diameter

Dimensioning of a very small gear wheel with 0.1mm tooth width. Application of area Microscope made by Robomat company
# 6 Measurement of very small parts, gear wheel of a clock

2.35mm pitch circle 80µm tooth width.

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