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Inline control

100% Control

Example: search for 0.1mm holes in membranes

Testing of 100% of the web. The machine image capture, lighting and camera are adapted to the respective task. In a new task, the first step is to use the Roboskop digital area microscope to check whether our image acquisition can automatically find the features and errors requested by the customer. Only then is an order for inline inspection processed and the previously tested image recognition software is ported to the system for inline inspection.


  • Depending on the space available, line cameras are used (see next picture) or
  • A space-saving rod camera is used (2nd picture).



  • A test report is created automatically and any defects found are saved with details of their size and position in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the material web.

  • The image recognition is controlled by recipes, so that only another recipe has to be selected to check a different type of goods.


Traversing control

Example of lamination of almost tranparent membranes

During this task, the completeness and correct application of approximately 0.3mm glue dots on a production line with a width of 1.6m had to be checked.

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