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Non Woven, Fleece, needle felt | clouds, neps in spun bond and card pile

The area microscope Roboscope aquires images up to 200x300mm at a resolution of 10µm. Based on image inspection results, it calculates a key figure for the cloudiness or homogeneity for card pile, rolled up pile, fleece, spunbond or meltblown. This number indicates how evenly the fiber distribution is in needle felts and other nonwovens.

Raw image of card pile, non woven
# 1 raw image of card pile

Visible sample size 100x70mm

Formation of clouds, homogeneity, uneven distribution of fibers marked with image recognition, using digital microscope from Robomat

# 2 clouds recognized, calculation of homogeneity

The software calculates the amound of clouds formed by neps and uneven fiber distribution. The quality index number for average cloudiness can be done for samples up to 0.1m² in size.

Needle felt uniformity of needling, needle stitches made visible by image recognition. Application of Digital Microscope from Robomat
# 3 needle felt evenness?

The red dots show the needle penetration points found by the image recognition software.

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