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Area Microscope Roboscope

Roboscope µ

NEW Our device with the largest magnification, capable of 1 µm pixel resolution. Combined with a field of view of up to 120x120mm. It greatly exceeds the capabilites of a conventional microscope.

If one of the these images would be printed with the usual printer resolution of 600ppi, the picture would be about 5x5 meters...

Haar_10µ als_Vergleich.png

A true-to-scale comparison between the diameter of a human hair (70µm) and a disc of 10µm. The Roboskop µ sees 1 µm large elements and can detect and measure defects from 6 µm in size with image recognition.

We have applications, for example, in the pharmaceutical industry. Here there are tasks that are optimally suited for the area microscope µ , such as the search for defects a few µm in size in large-area samples. More info under "Applications" "Surface Microscope µ" on the homepage.

Roboscope mobile

A digital microscope with 2µm resolution and image recognition. It uses a high-resolution camera as a sensor and can be moved on rollers on long material sheets. With incident, side and transmitted light.


  • Can be used in laboratory or production. Portable version available, battery operated.
  • Material samples are recorded with up to 2 µm pixels (250,000 Pix /mm²).

  • Maximum magnification 400x

  • The integrated image recognition searches possible faults for you and logs them.

  • Optionally equipped with telecentric lens for distortion-free measurements

  • To present the result images on a 4k TV in a meeting room, only an appropriate cable is required.

Roboscope Lab

Two overview cameras take pictures up to 200x300mm in size. If you want to see a detail more closely, tap the touch screen and a macro camera moves to the point to be examined.

Roboscope reflex

A digital microscope specially developed for examining reflective objects :

  • Chrome-plated surfaces, glossy glass, fiberglass or carbon fiber.

  • Usable in the laboratory or portable battery operated.
  • Objects to be checked are recorded with up to 2 µm pixels (250,000 Pix / mm²).

  • The integrated image recognition searches for possible defects for you.


Roboscope SC

With extremely high resolution. A single image covers an area of ​​145x245mm with 1.300 megapixels

  • Incident and transmitted light images in color or black and white.

  • The integrated image recognition software detects faults for you and calculates their size.

  • To see details even more precisely, digitally zoom in on details up to 10µm

  • Our most cost effective option


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