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Microscope for quality control of large samples

400x magnification with a 10x8" recording area, how does it work?

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A resolution of up to 800 megapixel makes this possible. The innovative area microscope Roboskop has an extremely large field of view of 200x300mm. It is a digital microscope for large samples. If during the quality inspection of large sized samples, defects that are barely visible to the eye have to be found and measured, this would take forever with a conventional microscope (customer statement).
The main areas of application are textile testing, optical measuring technology and all other applications in which very small defects have to be searched for and measured. If you want to take a closer look, you can zoom in on any part of the image in order to examine objects up to 10 µm in size (or 2 µm resolution with a smaller field of view).
During material inspection, the integrated image recognition takes over the search for defects for you. What image processing should find is controlled by your filter settings, all settings for image recognition and light settings are saved for later repetition.
The result are automatically generated quality reports. Illumination for incident and transmitted light is included.

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Pictures of some applications:

Can the self-adhesive material be removed without leaving any traces?

Are there leaks, what % of the filter is blocked, what is the open area?

Checking prepregs: Is the amount of binder sufficient, are the binder drops evenly distributed?

Detecting the amount, distribution, degree of sintering of transparent drops of binder on white fiberglass lattice.

How big is the mesh size? How big is the total free area?

Automatically count the number of fibers and calculate their area.

Automatic measurement and logging of errors.

Evaluate cloud formation in card pile and other non wovens.

Determining the age and condition of drawings, checking ID cards.

Are there bubbles in plastic panels?

Test of different detergents, fingerprints on reflective surfaces

How clean is cellulose for viscose / rayon production, are there specks?

Accuracy at least 50 µm, free of distortion

Typical test tasks with a link to suitable examples

If large material samples have to be examined with a microscope at high resolution, a large field of view is important for effective quality assurance with industrial image processing. If the cause of a defect has to be found in the case of quality complaints, the integrated image recognition and the true-to-scale measurement with optical measurement technology can save a lot of time. Illumination for incident light, transmitted light, side light and, optionally, dark field illumination are included. All of this is important for quickly completing the following tasks with textile samples, technical textiles and other materials:

A laboratory microscope with display for your technical center, but also for the production

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