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Area Microscope "Roboscope µ"a new product
Equipped with precision lenses and a super high resolution camera. With a pixel size of 1µm (a human hair is about 60µm wide), the resolution is similar to a microscope. But while a conventional microscope covers an area of a few mm², Roboscope-µ has an image area of full 120x120mm and a 14000 MegaPixel image. Ideal for the inspection of large area samples at high resolution.

Display_Uebersicht_zahl groesser.jpg

# 1 TFT layer of a cell phone display, overview image


# 2 zoom in at right upper corner

# 3 more zoom applied

display_Ecke_Detail zweites Mass.png

# 4 detailled image of register marks at the right corner


# 5 laser machining sample sheet, Roboscope-µ used to inspect the holes located in the bottom right corner, hardly visible (inside the triple square frame)

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# 6 holes detected, marked with contour lines and numbers, sorted by size


# 7 Image detail of one hole, its area, diameter and position are calculated automatically.


# 8 All results can be exported as data file for further analysis (excel or similar program)


The fibers are fixed by hot stamping (grey rhombic spots)

# 9 meltblown, a type of nonwoven. FFP-2 masks use these layers to filtrate pathogen-carrying droplets and dust particles.
Fibers are fixed in place by hot-stamp rollers (rhombical grey patches)

meltbblown rot.png

# 10 windstopper made of meltlown fibers, visible in transmitted light.


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