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CF carbon fiber
CFRP prepreg carbon


# 1 Raw image carbon fiber fabric

# 2 Zoom in on binder drops

# 2 Zoom in the picture above, enlarged representation of the registration marks at the top right edge


# 3 Evaluation, degree of sintering?


# 4 Fiber bundle in the wrong place, fiber gap


# 5 Laser holes in transmitted light, measured with image recognition and numbered in order of their size.


#6 The high resolution allows zooming to a single hole. The image recognition has recognized the boundary of the hole and determined its area and XY position in the sample (red contour and blue window).


# 7 The data of found holes are recorded automatically and are available for data export eg in Excel.


The fibers are fixed by hot stamping (grey rhombic spots)

# 8 Meltblown, a form of non-woven fabric, absorbs pathogens with its fibers in an FFP2 mask

meltbblown rot.png

# 9 Windstopper, also made of meltblown, in this case as a transmitted light image

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